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Nothing activates as many areas of the brain as music. Singing is a stimulating experience which triggers all sorts of positive energy in the mind and body. Social interaction is the best way to shake off the blues. Put all of that together and you get Choral Singing at its best.

4th January 2023

It is now possible to register for the Spring Season 2023.

Rehearsals will start Wednesday, 25th January, if there are enough people signed up. 

6th January 2022

Rehearsals for the Spring Season 2022 will start on Wednesday 19th January.

29th September 2021

Re-opening At Last!

23rd March 2021

Re-opening deferred until our COVID journey allows

But we will open then so stay in touch!

29th July 2020

Re-opening on Wednesday 29th July

We’ll need to make some changes to the way we do it. Details of these changes will be posted here in the next few days.

20th July 2020

Re-opening deferred until after 10 August

SFTHOI is a Phase 4 business. In light of last Wednesday's welcome decision to slow down and revert to the original roadmap, SFTHOI's re-opening is also deferred until there's a green light for Phase 4 - now pencilled in for 10 August. Re-opening plans are in progress.