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Nothing activates as many areas of the brain as music. Singing is a stimulating experience which triggers all sorts of positive energy in the mind and body. Social interaction is the best way to shake off the blues. Put all of that together and you get Choral Singing at its best.

With regret, Singing For The Health Of It will not re-open this Autumn. 

This is because there are not enough singers enrolled to make a viable and energised choir. Also, in the current financial climate, there are no potential opportunities for performance.

I will review the situation again in January, with a view to a Spring Season.

Autumn Season 2022 starts Wednesday, 14th September and ends with a concert in the weekend before Christmas.

An intensive 13 weeks to train, learn a concert programme, polish it to performance standard, then show it off!

An occasional missed rehearsal is not a problem, so long as you're there for most of them, especially the last two - and, of course, the concert!

Full details will be posted in mid/late August. Register your interest below, to be notified when the details are available.

A choir will only work if there's enough people to make it a choir. If you're interested, then share the link with your friends, family, colleagues - the more the merrier!