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Nothing activates as many areas of the brain as music. Singing is a stimulating experience which triggers all sorts of positive energy in the mind and body. Social interaction is the best way to shake off the blues. Put all of that together and you get Choral Singing at its best.

Rehearsing SFTHOI Safely

Whether you're already a member of SFTHOI or you're interested in joining us now, please read BOTH of these COVID documents carefully. These documents explain the COVID risks, and the measures that will be in place to keep us safe from infection while we rehearse. Make sure you know what you have to do, and what you need with you before you come along to a rehearsal!

2021-09 Choir Rehearsal BCA.pdf 2021-09 Choir Rehearsal BCA.pdf
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It's still the same choir, the same ethos, the same training, the same genuine choral experience,
the same rock 'n' roll and the same fun.
Let's make sure COVID doesn't get to shut us down again.